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Nurse Necklaces

A friend of mine commissioned these 5 necklaces to give to her nursing school classmates at graduation. I have used this stamp (American, 1961) in the past, but seeing a row of 5 all lined up has a certain charm to it. I hope these diligent little nurses of the past help guide this new generation of caretakers.

nurses-1 nurses-2


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An Important Announcement

Just thought I would share the good news! Baby Gwen is 2.5 months old and is a sweet-smelling, smiley, healthy little gem. We are so happy to have this new addition to the family!


I love this announcement I put together for her, photographed and designed by yours truly.

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A quick glimpse of my outgoing packages today. Brown paper packages tied up with… stamps and washi tape! There is still a bit of time to grab some jewelry to gift. Check out the selection here on the website, or over here at my etsy store for an entirely different selection of colors and countries.


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Project First Quilt: Complete!

Remember me talking about that quilt I started almost 3 years ago? Well, I decided to put all of my pregnancy nesting energy into the project and get it finished before the arrival of Baby #2 and I finally have something to brag about. I am so, so pleased with the results and proud to have an item that is beautiful AND so useful. Here are some images of the finished product (plus another adorable thing that I started 3 years ago):


At home on our queen-sided bed.


Girl in a ring.


My rings, slightly closer together than they should be because squaring up quilt pieces requires precision that I don’t have yet. Regardless, I’m happy with the results.


Inge turned 3 earlier this month!


Hand stitching! I decided to do simple straight lines about 2″ apart in a cheery yellow thread.


Backing fabric from a vintage (but unused) Marimekko fabric I found on ebay. The woman I purchased from had acquired 3 queen-sized sheets almost 40 years ago for curtains and never got around to making them. I’ll be emailing her photos of my finished quilt.


My favorite part of the quilt. “My first, for us” hand-embroidered in the back, lower left corner. 3 years of work all to cover Matt and myself in handmade love every night.

For those that are curious, I made it using the basic pattern for Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl quilt with a ton of advice and help from my friend Holly and lots of helpful links on Pinterest. Artwork above the bed is by my talented husband Matt Siber, from the Untitled Project.

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Show of Hands

show_of_handsI am so excited to be part of the first ever Show of Hands craft fair this weekend at the Ravenswood Event Center from 10:00 – 5:00 each day. Granted, I am a ticking baby time bomb at this point (I’m due in 6 days), but I hope to be there to visit and sell all weekend long! Don’t worry, I have a wonderful backup seller if I need to make a quick trip to the hospital. I promise that this will be a very special event with a select group of handmade sellers in a fantastic space. Special bonus: Matt and I were married here 6 years ago! See you this weekend!


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